Oculus VR’s Henry Gets Its First Trailer

If you’ve been reading VRFocus for the past 5 minutes, you know that a fresh look at Oculus Story Studio’s anticipated virtual reality (VR) animation, Henry, is on its way today. Well that look has now arrived following a short presentation at the film’s premiere event in Beverly Hills, California, and can now be seen below.

The preview arrives in the form of 2D video. This isn’t a trailer as such; while fans are treated to new footage from the short film there’s also a hefty amount of talk from some of the film’s creators. That includes director Ramiro Lopez Dau, Lost director Saschka Unseld and Oculus VR figureheads such as Palmer Luckey and Nate Mitchell. That’s somewhat understandable given that it’s impossible to convey what Oculus Story Studio is trying to achieve in 3D on a 2D display.

Henry is set to arrive for free alongside the Oculus Rift itself in Q1 2016. VRFocus will continue to follow the piece closely, reporting back with the latest updates on it.