Oculus VR Founder Talks Exclusivity for Oculus Rift and Gear VR

This week Palmer Lucky, the creator of the Oculus Rift and founder of Oculus VR took to Reddit for a Q&A session about ‘console tactics on PC platforms’ and having a closed eco-system where titles would be exclusive to Oculus VR.

Luckey starts by saying: “What we are doing is working with external devs to make VR games. These are games that have been 100% funded by Oculus from the start, co-designed and co-developed by our own internal game dev teams. The majority of these games would not even exist were we not funding them, it is not like we just paid for exclusivity on existing games – making high quality VR content is hard enough to do when targeting a single headset, trying to support every single headset on the market with our own content is just not a priority for launch. Most companies would have done this as a 1st party software development effort, but we decided it would be better to work with existing developers who wanted to get past the bean counters and make sweet VR games.”

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When asked about Oculus VR software having third-party support for other head-mounted displays (HMD) Luckey said: “Extending VR support to multiple headsets is not as simple as a patch, it requires pretty deep integration into the code of the game, integration that the developers themselves have to spend a lot of time integrating and updating. This is especially true for games that rely on our SDK features like timewarp, direct mode, late latching, and layered compositor to get a good experience. We can’t possibly make any promises about support through external patches, and we won’t commit to supporting people who want to use our store to buy games for headsets that our store and software don’t currently support.”

The videogames that Oculus VR currently support and in most cases being co-produced will soley be for Oculus Rift and Gear VR, as Luckey goes on to say: “As far as being exclusive to the Oculus Store, that is exactly what we do – our platform also supports Samsung’s GearVR headset, and we will be supporting future Samsung VR devices as well.”

Read the entire Reddit post to see what else Luckey had to say, and VRFocus will continue to report the latest announcements from Oculus VR.