Oculus Story Studio Reveal Henry Premiere Details

Back at the beginning of June Oculus Story Studio, Oculus VR’s specialist immersive virtual reality (VR) film division, revealed their latest VR Film project, Henry. Now Oculus VR has revealed that premiere for the film will betaking taking place this month, and VRFocus will of course be in attendance to bring you all the latest details on this exciting new project.

A brightly coloured ‘heartwarming comedy’ staring a cartoon hedgehog called Henry, after whom the film is also named. Henry is experiencing his own ‘hedgehog’s dilemma’ and being frustrated by his inability to make friends and be close to people owing to his prickly form.

Henry Oculus Story Studio screenshot

Attendees of the premiere will be able to use VR to explore the various different locations the film taken them, including Henry’s home, which will allow them to get a better idea of the characters and some details of the story they may not have known about otherwise.

Henry is not the only project Oculus Story Studio has produced. Initial release, Lost, which was helmed by Saschka Unseld (formerly of Pixar), was deemed to be a great success and received critical praise. It is also believed that Oculus Story Studio is working on a number of other film projects.

The revelation of the date of the premiere has come by way of an update to the official website, which now features an animated background, the 28th July 2015 premiere date and a hashtag: ‘#StoryStudio’. It was also alluded to by a currently ongoing image campaignVRFocus will be in attendance at the event to let you know exactly what happens. Come back soon to find out more in relation to Henry and Oculus Story Studio.