Oculus Story Studio Launch ‘8 Days of Henry’ Campaign

Oculus Story Studios’ Henry has been picking up some attention of late, with the team behind the project aiming to capitalise on the anticipation for the consumer version of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) revealed at Oculus VR’s Step into the Rift press conference, San Francisco, last month. The latest effort is a new teaser campaign entitled ‘8 Days of Henry’.

Henry is the second full-motion CGI feature film from Oculus Story Studio, following their debut Lost earlier this year. This 360 degree piece tells the tale of a hedgehog, Henry, who is having a birthday party. Sadly, Henry’s friends don’t wish to attend because of his boundary issues; Henry likes to hug a lot, but his friends aren’t so keen due to his spiney back. Exactly how the story will play out is not yet known, however the art style likened to Pixar suggests that Henry will inevitably be a family friendly piece of entertainment.

Henry Oculus Story Studio art

Launched via the official Oculus Story Studio Twitter account, alongside the hashtag ‘#HBDHenry’ (happy birthday Henry), this campaign will run until Tuesday, 28th July 2015. And what happens then? VRFocus will most certainly keep you updated with all the latest details on Henry and future campaigns from Oculus Story Studio.