Oculus Story Studio: Henry is ‘a glimpse of what’s to come’

Oculus VR has shifted focus from virtual reality (VR) videogames to VR movies this week as it hosted a premiere event for Henry, one of the first features to come out of its Oculus Story Studio division. The animated feature, directed by Ramiro Lopez Dau, is actually the second piece from the team to be revealed, the other being Lost from Saschka Unseld. But Henry is seemingly taking centre stage for now, arriving as a free experience for the launch of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) itself. According to Unseld, the piece is ‘a glimpse of what is to come’.

Henry Oculus Story Studio screenshot

The director said as much during the premiere event. “We’re kind of at the very beginning of VR,” he said of VR filmmaking. “It’s a new medium; it’s not better or worse, it’s new.”

“Is Henry really alive? No, he’s not really alive. What he is is a glimpse of what is to come.”

That message fits in place with Oculus Story Studio’s overall goal to not only come up with its own original content, but guide others in the best practises for making movies with this new technology. In a more literally sense, Oculus Story Studio is said to have a total of 5 movies in production right now, meaning that there are at least 3 more experiences still to come. These will all range in length and style; Lost is around 4 minutes long depending on how viewers interact with the movie, while Henry lasts 12 minutes.

It’s not clear when VR fans will see what else Oculus Story Studio has been working on. VRFocus will continue to follow the team’s progress closely, reporting back with the latest updates from it.