Oculus Rift ‘Will be an Open Platform’ States Founder

With the recent Reddit thread with Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey divulging the exclusivity for the titles the company is funding, another interesting piece from the thread is that of the Oculus Rift being an ‘open platform’ for developers.

Users on Reddit saw the funding of two dozen titles, which would be Oculus Rift exclusive, as ‘console tactics’ by the company and therefore keeping players to a single platform, to which Luckey responded: “The Rift is an open platform, not a closed one. You don’t need any kind of approval to make games for the Rift, and you can distribute those games wherever you want without paying us a penny.”


VRFocus previously wrote that the exclusive titles we’re only so due to Oculus VR’s 100% funding of the titles, with Luckey saying: “The majority of these games would not even exist were we not funding them.”

But any other titles being developed without Oculus VR’s support won’t be tied down to the platform, and could be available on rival systems like HTC Vive or Project Morpheus should the studio wish.

Most studios developing for consoles want maximum commercial coverage to ensure their videogame can be profitable and the vast majority of titles are multi-platform to enable this. Whether this will be the case with virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMD) is yet to be seen, but some developers like Cloudhead Games have confirmed that titles like The Gallery: Six Elements will be multi-platform.

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