Oculus Rift Title Technolust Reveals New Clips

Indie developer Iris VR has been busy porting its Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) title Technolust to Unity 5.1, and has revealed a new trailer to show off its efforts.

Technolust takes inspiration from the likes of Blade Runner, placing players in a distant future in which corporations control the world. Players can either join a resistance against these groups, fighting back against them, or simply enjoy life in the future, spending time in their personal space and gathering movies to watch.

The video starts with the player coming across a videogame cabinet called Kerser, which challenges players to race through a city, seeing how far they can get. Technolust will feature a few of these cabinets to play a game within a game, VRFocus previously reported Iris VR had launched a competition back in march that looked to get the community involved in creating brand new arcade cabinets for use within the videogame.

The rest of the video is a dark, broody affair as the player wanders around this distopian future meet various characters along the way.

VRFocus will continue to follow any further announcements from Iris VR on the progress of Technolust.