Nokia To Announce VR Move Next Week?

Nokia Technologies, the surviving group from Microsoft’s original takeover of the Nokia mobile phone group is, according to Re/code, set to officially announce their first step into virtual reality (VR) as soon as next week.

Nokia 1

Citing sources close to the matter at hand, the technology news website claims that Nokia Technologies, who were rumoured back in April to be working on a something involving VR, possibly a head-mounted display (HMD) based around one of their own smartphones, much like that used by Samsung with the Gear VR.

An announcement is claimed to be place at a Los Angeles-based VIP event.

It is unclear as to whether Microsoft’s recent decision to pull the plug on the part of Nokia it owned will in anyway affect the decisions of Nokia Technologies.  For now though VRFocus will continue to look into the matter and will report on any further news regarding the proposed new product.