Nokia Announces “Look Around You” VR Film Competition

Yesterday Nokia announced its first step into the world of virtual reality (VR) with the OZO 360 degree camera. Today the comapny has revealed its partnership with Tongal for a new VR film competition called “Look Around You”.

For the competition creators need to develop 120-second shorts that show off the capabilities of Nokia’s new OZO camera. The project consists of a three-part competition a concept, pitch and video phase ­during which any of Tongal’s 80,000+ community members can submit ideas and videos that take advantage of the features provided by the OZO camera.

Then two filmmakers with winning pitches will get to produce their short using the camera along with technical and post production support from Nokia, and as a grand prize, the creator of the final winning short will receive their own OZO camera.


Guido Voltolina, Head of Presence Capture, Nokia says: “With the launch of the OZO VR Camera, we really want to get people excited about the possibility of this technology at one of its purest levels, which is storytelling. I’m excited to finally put this tool into the hands of Tongal¹s community and the VR community everywhere.”

Starting from today anyone can register at tongal.com to pitch their 500-character concept submissions for an original VR film. The top two concepts will be awarded $1,000 USD each. The pitch phase, starting 26th August 2015, allows filmmakers to describe their idea for bringing one of the winning concepts to production. The two filmmakers who contribute the winning pitches will each receive $20,000 USD in funding and will be able to create their short film with the OZO camera, with the winner receiving their own OZO camera.

VRFocus will continue to report on the progress of the competition as the projects and winners are announced.