Nintendo: ‘schedule and format’ for VR Commercialization is ‘unknown’

Nintendo has been quite vocal on its issues with virtual reality (VR) technology. The company has often cited issues with the potentially isolating aspects of putting on a head-mounted display (HMD) and obscuring vision of the real world, despite efforts from the likes of Oculus VR and Sony Computer Entertainment to dispel those concerns. Shigeru Miyamoto, legendary developer and iconic figurehead at the company, has echoed these concerns in the past and has recently talked a little bit more about his worries with VR.


Speaking in a recent AGM Shareholder’s Q&A, Miyamoto added: “Also, many demonstrations for virtual reality devices have been conducted at recent trade shows, and at this year’s E3, I noticed a number of dream-like demonstrations for which the schedule and format for commercialization are unknown. The current software for these virtual reality devices cannot be played simultaneously by a number of people, and since it is generally expected that the development for the applicable software for a high-performance device will take two to three years, there were a number of visual demonstrations for virtual reality devices.”

It certainly doesn’t sound like Nintendo is interested in getting involved with VR technology right now. That will come as a disappointment to many, considering the company’s stable of franchises would make for some of the dream VR videogames. Of course, Nintendo has experimented with VR before with its ill-fated Virtual Boy device and is even still involved with 3D technology thanks to the 3DS handheld console. Recently the company has made mention on a new system, the ‘NX’, which it will provide further details on next year, though, based on these statements, don’t expect it to have anything to do with VR.

VRFocus will continue to follow VR technology closely, reporting back with any further updates on the industry.