New To VR: Toro! Survive An Undead Bull In Bravura

Of all the sporting representations in virtual reality today’s new VR experience is quite possibly the most unusual.  In terms of a sport it is one that divides the public; indeed even using the term sport to describe it would likely spark many a discussion about it. However there is no denying the heritage, tradition and – some would say – even the art of the bullfighter.


Bravura is a VR representation of the traditional Spanish battle between man and beast, although one with a twist – the bull is already dead. In fact it is a living skeleton. The story is that you are playing Paco Bravo, a young man who decends from a very famous line of bullfighters. Unfortunately despite the name bravery isn’t necessarily one of the traits that Paco acquired from his ancestors and even the most harmless bull usually results in some very un-traditional running away. Unfortunately for Paco today he is in Mexico on the Day of the Dead, and this particular skeletal bull cares little for him … he only wants Paco dead.

Developed by Cafundó Estúdio Criativo and utilising the Oculus Rift DK2, Bravura – The VR Bullfight Game is actually part of a multiplatform project also including a short film and illustrated book. You can download the app from Oculus VR Share whilst you can find out more about the project at www.cafun.do/bravura_en.

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