New To VR: Step Into The Future Of Power Inside A Fusion Reactor

One of the great educational uses of virtual reality is to enable people to see what they could otherwise not. For instance yesterday’s selection Martello Tower Z showed how the passage of time affected and change the use of a small fort. Even in a museum you’d only be able to see one time frame and not how the same area was used. There are also times where what needs to be shown in action cannot be done so live, be that because of size of the item or, as in this case, because of the danger.

inside A Fusion Reactor

A nuclear reactor is such a complex and elaborate piece of machinery – and one obviously dangerous on many levels – that the public would, for both safety and security, never be able to get close enough to really see how it works. As a result it is one of those items that will always be shown how it works through recreation. The same goes for a fusion reactor which is where today’s new virtual reality (VR) experience comes in.

Inside A Fusion Reactor is a short experience that introduces you to and takes you inside the fusion reactor being developed by Canadian company General Fusion which aims to produce electricity by harnessing the same kind of reactions that as are found in the sun.  The experience, developed by FusionVR, is compatible with the Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted display (HMD). You can download the experience from the Oculus VR Share platform and it is also available on Google Cardboard whilst a Youtube 360 version also exists which you can see below.

Come back tomorrow morning to VRFocus where we will shine the spotlight on another new VR project.