New To VR: REPSOL Offshore VR Takes You Out To Sea And An Oil Platform

Whatever your stance on fossil fuels, being an oil worker isn’t a particularly fun experience.  No one grows up dreaming of working on a rig. Your living quarters aboard may be, in a lot of cases, amazing.  However there is a reason for that, the principle one being you’re not going anywhere. It’s not like a boat where there is movement and things change you are in every sense not moving. If you had the urge to do something that evening, sorry, but it isn’t going to happen.

REPSOL Offshore VR

Moreover it is a very dangerous job. Even getting out to the rig is a dangerous helicopter ride and once you’re there you’re dealing with the dangers of working with machinery, drilling into potentially unstable areas in order to uncover substances that can both catch fire and explode. That’s not even counting the issues with such pressure from underground. It all adds up to one of the world’s most dangerous jobs – in fact a recent in America showed you were seven times more likely to die if you worked on an oil rig than in most any normal role.

So why are we even discussing this? Because oil giants REPSOL have commissioned a virtual reality (VR) experience showing off what it’s like on an oil rig. REPSOL Offshore VR doesn’t show the dangers, perhaps naturally enough, but it does follow through from helicopter to landing on the platform. There are a number of interactive features for you to engage with, ten key projects in operation aboard which you can find through exploration.

Produced by estudiofuture.com, the demo is available now on Oculus VR Share for both the DK1 and DK2 versions of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD).

REPSOL Offshore VR

REPSOL Offshore VR

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