New To VR: Protect Your Vampire Master In Black & White VR Videogame Sunderland

It’s not easy serving another. Often even the most faithful servant will find that no matter how well it is you do your job and no matter how much effort you put in often your plans are all undone by the unforeseen or the clumsiness of your own master. Today’s new virtual reality (VR) experience has a little bit of that story in it.

In an industry obsessed with zombies you may be surprised to learn that whilst today’s New To VR is a videogame about horror movie monsters it is more about one single vampire. In Sunderland you take on the role of Bosworth III, faithful (and monstrous) servant to The Count and guardian of his ancient castle in Moldavia. After many years of servitude there is but one problem you face on a regular occurrence, The Count has the unfortunate tendency to sleepwalk around the castle, getting lost in the various passageways or even stuck on the occasional raised platform

As his servant it is your job to see The Count safely back to his coffin, which would be fine but for the fact the local villagers have gotten wind of The Count’s true identity and a mob are at this moment storming the castle grounds in order to kill him.  Now you must protect the castle from the villagers, The Count from the castle, The Count from the villagers and yourself from getting fired. It’s a hard life serving a sleepwalking vampire.

Presented in black and white for an old horror movie feel and played in third-person, Sunderland has been developed by Museville for the Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted display (HMD). Should you wish to try it out you can find the app listed on the Oculus VR Share platform.


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