New To VR: Go In Search Of Ancient Marine Life In Coalacanthe

One of the topics growing in popularity when creating virtual reality (VR) apps and experiences is that of the natural world, usually this takes on the form of viewing life that we would not normally be able to observe which in turn leads often to life under the water. We’ve seen several apps recently focus on the picturesque undersea reef wonderlands of tropical fish, coral and plant life.  Today’s experience from Oculus VR Share however goes deeper than that – much deeper.

Coalacanthe Coalacanthe is based on forty days worth of deep sea dives made in 2013 all of which chronicled the search and observation of the ancient cœlacanthe, a fish thought extinct for 70 million years until 1938 and thought to be a lost link in the evolutionary chain. Rare and difficult to observe owing to the depths it resides, very little is still known about the bottom-dwelling fish. Coalacanthe Coalacanthe

Developed by Suboceana the app is available for both the DK1 and DK2 versions of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). VRFocus will be back tomorrow with another item that you can try on your VR HMD.