New To VR: Get A VR Selection Box In VR Experience 4 Oculus Rift

The various virtual reality (VR) apps that are released cover a lot of ground in terms of the subject matter: what type of theme is involved, what type of genre. Because of this we cover a lot of topics, and whilst there are a few elements that appear far more often over the course of, say, a month we’ll cover most everything.VR Experience 4 Oculus Rift - 1

What do you do though if you want a more varied selection of VR environments? What if you wanted to try out multiple settings but didn’t want the bother of sifting through apps in order to try them all. What if you could try everything from one single app?

That’s the idea behind ideoservo’s VR Experience 4 Oculus Rift, which brings together a selection box of environments from a number of VR creators for casual users to try out or for VR developers to potentially licence.  These environments include:

– Office
– Spaceship
– Desert
– Forest
– Earth’s Core
– Ice Land

A paid version is also available for 5 Euros, which trebles the amount of locations and brings users to places such as the jungle, mountains, a hospital, an old mine, a cemetery, bunker, ghost town and tropical island. The free version is available on Oculus VR Share and is compatible with both the Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2.

VRFocus will be back soon on our New To VR spotlight with another new experience you can download for your head-mounted device (HMD).