New To VR: Digital Conservation Shows The Changing Face Of A Graffiti Wall

Time changes everything. It is one of the fundamental laws we as humans cannot alter.  However whilst the passages of time changes both ourselves and that which is around us we can at least document the passage to make sure it is not forgotten. In this way virtual reality (VR) can become one of the ultimate tools of documentation – providing not just a visual record but something that can be engaged and interacted with.

Trafalgar St Tunnel That is what today’s app is about, ‘digital conservation’ via a virtual tour down a small part of the world that has changed. The place in question is the Bedford-Trafalgar Street pedestrian tunnel in Ensmore, Sydney, New South Wales. A tunnel that became somewhat famous for the graffiti artwork that lined its walls.  A new app Trafalgar St Tunnel developed by TacticalSpace for both the DK1 and DK2 versions of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) allows users to walk the length of the tunnel and explore all the tags both before and after a scheme that saw the surfaces painted over by the authorities.

What sets this app apart from a mere visual record is that there are a number of additional features, including an audio guide and pathway where you can learn not just about the history of the tunnel but find out more about specific tags, the art style, who they belong to and more.  You can find a video showing off the app below

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