New To VR: Descend From Above In Artistic Experience Stairway To Earth

We have seen virtual reality (VR) used in a number of creative ways within the field of art, both as standalone pieces and as enhancements to more traditional aspects of the arts. For example recently on VRFocus we covered how the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra were using the technology of 360 degree video to provide a new perspective both visual and audible.

Stairway to EarthToday’s trip into the world of VR, this time via the WEARVR content sharing platform, is however more of the standalone kind.

Stairway To Earth is a four-part trip through a series of abstract VR art pieces. It is a trip which requires you, at least on a metaphorical sense, to ‘find Earth’. Developed by experimental artists 3D-D.com and compatible for the Developer Kit 2 (DK2) version of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD), it is available as a free download and clearly seeks to challenge user perceptions about the world around them. Is it just a journey to the ground or something maybe more? Only you can say for sure.

Join us tomorrow on VRFocus to round off the week with another item new to VR.