New SUPERHOT Gif Revealed

SUPERHOT a first-person shooter (FPS) for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) which raised over $250,000 USD through Kickstarter crowd funding back in 2014 has revealed another GIF for the upcoming title.

The new GIF shows the player taking out two enemies, the first enemy with a chest shot then a finishing head-shot, whilst dodging bullets in slow-mo from the other enemy. The second enemy has the gun shot from their hand. As with previous GIF’s and screenshots the art style is minimal but vividly striking, with white backgrounds and bright red enemies.

The main feature of the videogame is that times moves only when the player does. When players stand still, the world itself stops. This allows players to navigate tight spaces and corridors without being hit by bullets, only one of which will kill them. Using the Oculus Rift’s positional tracking technology it’s possibly to physically lean out of the way of incoming fire. Players start out unarmed and must secure a weapon before clearing out all opponents.

VRFocus has revealed that the SUPERHOT Beta will launch on 31st July 2015, and shall report back on SUPERHOT’s progress.