New Screenshots for London Heist

One of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) worldwide studios, London Studios has released new screenshots of the Project Morpheus title, London Heist. What’s been seen of the title so far has been split in two, one part called Interrogation and the other called Getaway. The screenshots as seen below are from the Getaway section of the videogame.

London Heist appears to be a first-person shooter (FPS) set in the seedy underbelly of the London underworld, very similar to The Getaway, a previous title by the same studio made for the PlayStation 2. As the videogame has been made specifically for Project Morpheus, the title uses SCE’s PlayStation Move motion controllers.

In these screenshots you and your driver are being chased by a rival gang through the streets of London whilst under heavy gunfire. It is up to you, armed with a sub-machine gun take out the attackers in an on-rails section of the videogame.

SCE London Studio also has a couple of other virtual reality (VR) offerings for Project Morpheus, The Deep and Street Luge which it is still working on.

No release dates have yet been revealed for London Studios’ titles, but VRFocus will be reporting any announcements from the studio.

LS_Getaway_04 LS_Getaway_03 LS_Getaway_02 LS_Getaway_01_