New Concept Art for Herobound: Spirit Champion Released

Gunfire Games the indie studio behind up-coming Oculus Rift title Chronos, has recently released some more concept art for the Samsung Gear VR title, Herobound: Spirit Champion.

Herobound: Spirit Champion is a dungeon crawler that allows the player to choose  their own avatar then set off on a quest to explore four natural realms where they must free captured spirits. When each spirit has been rescued the player is granted a magical stone, giving the player magical powers. Once these powers have been collected the player is then strong enough to face and hopefully defeat the Spirit of Fire.

The title is also rumoured to be coming to the Oculus Rift but neither Gunfire Games nor Oculus VR have confirmed this currently, but VRFocus will continue to follow Gunfire Games, reporting back any further announcements.

herobound_conceptart herobound_conceptart1 herobound_conceptart2 herobound_conceptart3