Neuro VR Experience Trailer Revealed

Virtual reality (VR) technology allows evermore immersive experiences to be developed and enjoyed. But what if it could be used to show you what was really happening inside someone’s mind, the chemical reactions and electrical impulses that make people tick. Well Gaming Evolved and AMD have created The Neuro VR Experience to help create new ways of visualising how the brain works.

With The Neuro VR Experience, the team at General Electric (GE) and AMD have created a way of looking  into the human brain, enabling anybody to enter, view, and explore the brain in various ways. In the video Katrina Craigwell, Director of Global Content and Programming at GE describes the experience: “So you’ll go into the brain of a creative person, and see them in real life, see their imagination and then see this beautiful demo of whats firing and happening inside their brain as they’re creating.”

Also involved in the project is Corey Stassburger who worked on the VFX for the film Minority Report. StrassBurger wants to show people what happens to your brain when you listen to music or become happy.

VRFocus will be following the development of The Neuro VR Experience and reporting any future updates.