Monstrum Oculus Rift Edition to Release in ‘Coming Weeks’

Team Junkfish recently launched their survival horror labyrinth videogame, Monstrum, for both Mac and Linux operating systems. Already available foe Windows format, the version of the title offering Oculus Rift compatibility will be made available in the ‘coming weeks’, VRFocus has been informed.

“Since its early access launch in January and full release in late May Monstrum has been terrifying players across the world as they attempt to escape from its rusting cargo freighter and the horror that lurks within,” reads Team Junkfish’s press release. “Taking influences from roguelike games, Monstrum shakes up the traditional survival horror formula with its procedurally generated ship and reactive monsters to ensure that no playthrough is ever the same.”

Monstrum Screenshot

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux formats now, priced at £11.99 GBP, Monstrum has always been billed as a virtual reality (VR) compatible title. Team Junkfish are staying true to their word with a launch suggested for the not too distant future.

Ahead of this release VRFocus will be getting hands-on with the final Oculus Rift build of Monstrum, and will bring you further coverage in the very near future.