Microsoft Reveals Improved Lenses for Oculus Rift

After the recent collaboration announcement at E3 in Los Angeles, by Microsoft and Oculus VR,  a freely downloadable CAD file has popped up online at Microsoft Research. This file claims that Microsoft Research has developed a superior lens design than the one currently inhabiting the Oculus Rift DK2 headset.

According to Microsoft Research’s site ” This zip file contains CAD files and source code necessary to build and use an improved lens for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). The optical quality is significantly better than the lenses that come with the Oculus. The lens uses off the shelf lens elements from Edmund Optics.”

Oculus vs. MSR Lens

Tuscany comparison

In the readme file the new lens design features a field of view, “slightly smaller than the stock lens, but it is sharper across the field and has far less chromatic aberration.”

The lens was developed by a new “lens design program” at Microsoft Research and the housing can be 3D printed using a high-end Objet Eden 260 3D printer. The file goes on to state ” We haven’t tested any other printer but you may

have issues with hobbyist FDM printers because the thin crush ribs that hold the lens elements in place may not print properly.”

In the files provided the source code works with the Unity game engine to correct the lens distortion for the Oculus display. The file further details, “If you are using a different game engine you may have to modify them.”

Microsoft Research are hoping soon be able to publish a paper “Lens Lego: Automatic Lens Generation Using Off-the-shelf Components”, will shed more light on its work.

VRFocus will be following further details of Microsoft Research’s work a reporting any updates.