Lumacode: ‘There are interesting applications for VR’‏

On tonight’s Unreal Engine Community Stream, Pascal Auberson from Lumacode spoke about how the company has been developing software to organise the massive data sets from ALSPAC The Children of the 90’s study using virtual reality (VR).

In the interview Auberson spoke about how VR has enabled Lumacode, using the Unreal Engine to develop software to manage all the data and produced an adaptable VR visualisation which is both scalable and fully controllable by the user. Having used VR for this type of use, rather than for just videogames and entertainment purposes he said: “There are interesting applications for VR” for lots of industrial and educational use. From training students or new employees to organising company’s and their data, VR has a multitude of different uses due to users finding the technology so intuitive.


Lumacode collaborated with Masters of Pie at the Big Data VR Challenge by Epic Games and the Wellcome Trust and won because the fluidity and control to assist with both small and large scale analysis projects impressed the judges to secure the top prize of $20,000.

VRFocus will continue to report on the latest announcements regarding VR and future projects from Lumacode and Master of Pie.