LinkVR Reveals Prototype Virtual Reality Camera

With all the industry buzz around creating virtual reality (VR) content, and new pieces of hardware being revealed on an almost weekly basis it can be difficult keeping up with a technology that hasn’t really officially launched yet. But content is key for when the head-mounted displays (HMD) are launched over the next twelve months and 360 degree VR video will play an important role, which is why company’s like LinkVR who have just revealed images on Twitter of its prototype VR camera FOCUS will play an important role.

The FOCUS camera which is being engineered in-house by LinkVR is designed for professional users who are looking to capture high quality 4K 360 degree video.

The camera houses six 1080p 120° FOV CMOS sensors and is equipped with not only various software aliasing-minimizing optimizations but also an on-board, real-time stitching, helping to minimize the hours it usually takes to stitch VR video together.

LinkVR have also developed a VR software solution to create an entire package, from capture to media player. The company wanted a proprietary 360 degree panoramic viewer and video player for distribution of any 360 degree content across all major desktop, mobile platforms and VR headsets, as some media players are constrained to one medium.

VRFocus will continue to follow the progress of the FOCUS camera as LinkVR continues development.

LinkVR_prototype LinkVR_prototype2