Late Night Shop in Development by Total Monkery

The great thing about the horror genre is that even the most simple of objects can be used to scare people. Currently in development by British indie studio Total Monkery is a simple but tense videogame called Late Night Shop.

Late Night Shop, which is the studios first virtual reality (VR) title, tasks players with navigating through the halls of a clothing store at night. To do so, they must manipulate a dangerous enemy in order to clear a path to the exit. The enemies only move whilst off screen or out of sight, but are still sensitive to noise. The enemies are the shop mannequins, and they move fast. Possibly inspired by the Doctor Who monsters called ‘Weeping Angels’ which were statues that also only moved when not in sight, the mannequins only need to touch you to succeed.

Total Monkery will also be adding multiplayer to the mix, allowing a second player to control the mannequin team, and able to swap between creeps as the other player scrabbles for the exit.

While the studio has stated that Late Night Shop will be for VR head-mounted displays (HMD), no confimation has been given on which HMD’s the videogame will be available on. As the title is being developed for PC, the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are the two most likely candidates but VRFocus will await further announcements from Total Monkery for confirmation.