Innovate UK launching VR/AR Contest

Innovation is key to producing the latest technology, but a vital part of that process is funding. Innovate UK through their IC Tomorrow programme is looking for proposals from companies with innovative digital ideas relevant to developing these immersive technologies. Innovate UK is offering up to six businesses a maximum of £35,000 each to encourage innovation around virtual reality (VR)/ augmented reality (AR) across the themes of music, retail, healthcare, education, construction and tactile technology.

The contest is looking for innovative solutions to address one of six contest challenges within the themes of music, retail, healthcare, education, construction and tactile technology. Each challenge has an affiliated commercial partner which the successful companies will have the opportunity to collaborate with.


The challenges and their respective partners are as follows:

  • Smart Construction / Crossrail
  • Immersive Retail / John Lewis
  • Enhanced Medical Training and Care / Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), Enteric HTC and Royal London Hospital
  • Next-Generation Vocational Education / Pearson Plc
  • Tactile Experiences / King’s College London, Konica Minolta and Ericsson
  • Amplified Music Experiences / Columbia Records.

The successful applicants will then be expected to trial for 3 months their proposed solutions with their industry partners.

To be able to apply for the £35,000 award, proposals must come from a UK or EU based company, propose a solution which responds to one of the challenges and is creatively, technically or commercially innovative. The solution has to have a wider market potential beyond the challenge partnership and a clear idea of the revenue-earning potential and target market of your proposed solution.

The contest began on Monday 6th July 2015 and applications must be received by Innovate UK by noon on Tuesday 18th August.

VRFocus will be following the announcements from Innovate UK and report back on the winners.