Immersed Europe Tickets Are on Sale

The Immersed conference which started last year in Toronto, Canada, now coming to Europe. The conference is about bringing European content makers, technology innovators, and professionals together and providing the tools and resources needed to build businesses and careers in the virtual reality (VR) industry. The conference has now made tickets available to purchase online.

Immersed Europe is about exploring that talent that exists in Europe and bringing together companies on the European stage as a great deal is centralised around Americas Silicon Valley and the West Coast. Whatever the field of interest from VR, augmented reality (AR), Stereoscopic 3D, 360 degree video, videogames, gesture control, education and more, the conference is designed around developing this industry in Europe.

Image from Immersed 2014

The conference is to be held in Murcia, Spain from Thursday 3rd – Friday 4th September 2015. Prices start from €249.00 for the early bird tickets and rise to €449.00 for standard tickets excluding booking fees. The conference is also open to the public on Friday 4th to see and try the latest technologies. Tickets for the public are currently free, but access won’t be available to all areas of the conference.

Immersed Europe will have a large line of guest speakers from, AMD, The Third Floor, Crytek, Starbreeze Studios, nDreams, ImmersiON-VRelia, and more. At the previous Toronto conference there were over 40 speakers from a broad spectrum of the industry.

VRFocus will be following the latest announcements from Immersed Europe when they happen.