Hyundai Launches VR+ Racing Experience

Virtual reality (VR) experiences are coming out for compatible smartphones on an almost daily basis now that head-mounted displays (HMD) like the Google Cardboard are easily accessible and low-cost. Now Hyundai the Korean car manufacturer has brought out Hyundai VR+, a VR app based on the World Rally Championship (WRC).

Hyundai VR+ puts the viewer in the co-pilot seat of its i20 WRC rally car, with Dani Sordo. The application also includes a basic VR racing game, Hyundai motorsport videos and Facebook integration. The VR aspects will work with Google Cardboard or any commercial VR device available in the market, but all the features have full 360 degree functionality if users don’t have a VR HMD.

The app supports five languages including English, German, French, Spanish and Korean, and will work with Android v 4.1 or higher and Apple iPhone 5 or higher.

VRFocus will be reporting on any further updates to Hyundai VR+ in the future.