HammerheadVR Reveal Demo Trailer For Star Wars VR Ideas

The combination of Star Wars and virtual reality (VR) is something to truly get the mouth watering, it’s a subject which has seen the battle between good an evil in a galaxy far, far away get an unprecedented two Make It A (Virtual) Reality articles on VRFocus owing to the different branches of the franchise and continues to excite and inspire VR fans and creators.

Now HammerheadVR have unveiled a new demo trailer for a Star Wars VR videogame they have created as a proof of concept in Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4.  The demo, created in only two weeks and designed to work with Oculus VR systems, features set pieces and locations from across the original trilogy of films, including the Endor speeder-bike chase, the encounter with Darth Vader in Cloud City’s carbon freezing room, the Death Star trench run and the Battle of Hoth.  You can see the video below:

Whilst an official Star Wars application has yet to be confirmed there is cause to be hopeful. Back in June Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) a famous part of the Lucasfilm group and one still involved with the special effects in the upcoming Disney Star Wars sequels launched a brand new division that will be specifically working with advanced creative technologies such as VR and possibly AR.

VRFocus will continue to follow all the news regarding HammerheadVR, the new Industrial Light & Magic Experience Lab (ILMxLAB) and other Star Wars inpsired VR projects.