Google Cardboard enabled 360 Degree Video of Dubai Marina Revealed

With the popularity and quality of 360 degree cameras increasing, the content itself is also doing the same. Products like Google Cardboard help to bring virtual reality (VR) experiences to the masses and are one of the reasons 360 degree videos have snowballed. A new 360 degree video published today is a time-lapse of Dubai Marina.

The 360 degree time-lapse of Dubai marina by Dubai360 has been shot over the course of one full day, from the top of the Princess Tower, a 1,358 foot tall residential skyscraper which is the second tallest in the city after the Burj Khalifa. The video was shot in 8K resolution and can be controlled via a mouse or the WASD keys when viewing via a browser. But the video can also be viewed using Google Cardboard for an immersive VR view of the city. Simply go through the YouTube app on a compatible smartphone and press the Cardboard icon in the bottom right to activate.

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