German Theme Park Trialling Gear VR on Rollercoasters

Many thrill seekers enjoy rollercoasters for the equal sense of excitement and fear the rides produce. Virtual reality (VR) developers have used rollercoaster simulations to demonstrate that head-mounted displays (HMD) can also create similar sensations for the user. Now a theme park in Germany is bringing the two technologies together to create a whole new experience.

In a video by Spiegel Online the theme park is trialling a system where visitors put on a HMD then jump on one of the rollercoaster’s. They then see a whole new fantasy world to experience whilst enjoying the ride. Four volunteers put on Gear VR HMD’s and on the ‘Alpine Express’ ride fly through caverns with cartoon characters before finding themselves riding a dragon for the final part of the experience. Another being developed has visitors being pulled by a flying horse through a castle and up into the sky.

The team behind the new experience have been using Oculus Rift’s to develop the software to ensure that every twist and turn of the rollercoaster is accurately mimicked by the software to produce an immersive and entertaining ride.

The video has been included below and it is in German but it does show what possibilities lay in the future of VR in theme parks and how a ride you may have experience dozens of times before can be renewed again and again.

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