Geomedia Releases New VR Dinosaur App for iOS

Dinosaurs may be extinct but virtual reality (VR) fans are quickly getting used to them. VR videogames such as ARK: Survival Evolved are bringing players closer to the long-dead beasts than ever before. Today sees the release of another experience that features dinosaurs, DinoTrek VR. This new app, developed by Geomedia, is currently available on the iOS operating system (OS) and features full support for the Google Cardboard head-mounted display (HMD). The experience is designed for use with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+.


DinoTrek VR is a free experience that provides a fully rendered 360 degree environment for users to observe. They’ll encounter a number of different types of dinosaur that can be seen simply grazing in the fields and even fighting with each other in some cases. The app is designed to complement Geomedia’s Dinosaurs in the Wild, an augmented reality (AR) experience that’s planning to set up shop in around 20 zoos, allowing users to see dinosaurs through their own phones.

Intriguingly, Geomedia is also currently working with Google on a possible Google Tango-supported version of the app.

“Consumer virtual reality is just starting to take off, and Google Cardboard is making it really accessible for everyone. However, there isn’t a lot of high-quality mobile VR content for mobile out there yet,” Geomedia interactive designer Jeremy Kenisky said. “We produced DinoTrek VR to introduce a cutting-edge VR app to iPhone users and to allow a broader userbase to enjoy this new technology.”

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