Fove HMD Completes Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Fove, the virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) that uses eye-tracking technology has seen its successful Kickstarter campaign come to a close today. As VRFocus has previously reported, the Fove funding goal of $250,000 USD was smashed well before today’s deadline, and finished on $480,650 from 1,480 backers.

The Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Project Morpheus HMD’s all boast head-tracking features, but none of the kits have eye-tracking. These HMDs aren’t able to read the actual direction in which a user’s eyes are looking, only their heads, limiting some potential applications.


The Fove kit boasts a 2560×1440 display with precision eye-tracking. Meaning that, while the HMD fully supports the head-tracking seen in other devices, players are also able to use their eyes for certain features such as input control. It could be that eye-tracking is used for efficient user interface navigation, with users simply looking at the options that they want to select, or it could be used for targeting in a videogame and more.

Fove had also mentioned during the campaign that when $700,000 had been reached, the company would incorporate Valve’s Lighthouse Technology into the HMD. Due to a funding deal with Samsung, Fove announced that the HMD would be coming with Lighthouse support without reaching the stretch goal. Fove did note that the Lighthouse Base Station and any additional controllers were not included in pre-orders and would have to be purchased separately.

The standard kits are due to be shipped to Kickstarter backers around May 2016 with development kits being slightly earlier. VRFocus will be following Fove closely in the run-up to the HMD launch.