FlyInside FSX to Support Leap Motion

After FlyInside FSX reached its Kickstarter goal of $13,500 USD within the first week of the campaign the next step were the stretch goals. The first goal has now been hit at $20,000 USD and FlyInside FSX will now support Leap Motion.

Creator Dan Church tweeted the news that the flight simulator would now be supporting the Leap Motion gesture control interface. With the Leap Motion you’ll be able to activate switches, manipulate virtual windows, and control FlyInside using only your hands.


The next stretch goal in the campaign is $30,000 USD, if this is reached then Church be able to allocate more time to the project leading to an August Beta and November release of FlyInside P3D, bringing the FlyInside experience to Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D flight simulator. It will support the same features and user interface, but for Prepar3D rather than FSX.

FlyInside FSX has further stretch goals which VRFocus will continue to report on if they are reached before the campaign ends on 30th July 2015.