FlyInside FSX Kickstarter Goes Live

VRFocus previously reported on FlyInside FSX being developed by Daniel Church, a software developer who ports PC videogames onto the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). Now Church’s Kickstarter campaign has gone live, to help bring FlyInside FSX to fruition.

FlyInside FSX is a plug-in that allows Microsoft Flight Simulator X to be used with an Oculus Rift DK2 HMD. Flight Simulator X is one of the most popular flight sims on the PC and endlessly customisable, with numerous planes and helicopters to chose from.

One of the main features Church has put into FlyInside FSX is asynchronous timewarp, which helps keep performance smooth. He says, “Oculus invented technology called Timewarp. If you look to the left, but the last picture the Rift has is not quite in the right place, it will stretch and move the image to match. Even if the software falls behind, the illusion is maintained and the virtual world feels real!  I’ve also implemented asynchronous timewarp as a core feature of FlyInside. If FSX stutters a little bit, or it misses a frame, FlyInside picks up the slack. It uses timewarp in a parallel manner, sometimes multiple times in a row, to fill in the gaps while FSX is busy. You can turn up your graphical settings, and even while FSX is stuck loading a new chunk of landscape or buildings, FlyInside will keep your view smooth and immersive.”


Another feature being added is the ‘virtual desktop system’. Whereby the user will be able to bring up windows from your desktop and bring those into the cockpit. Fancy watching a YouTube video or bringing up navigation charts, then you’ll be able to right from the cockpit.

FlyInside FSX’ Kickstarter campaign started on Tue 30th June 2015, and with 29 days still to go has already received $6989 of its $13,500 target from 127 backers.

VRFocus will be following FlyInside FSX Kickstarter campaign and reporting any further announcements.