First Picture of the HTC Vive Truck Arrives

This summer HTC will be sending out a truck with HTC Vive demonstration units on-board, which VRFocus reported on yesterday, and the first stop is the San Diego Comic-Con between 9-12 July. Now the first image of the truck have appeared on Instagram.

The HTC Vive is a collaboration between, smartphone manufacturer HTC and Valve, the studio behind Half-Life and the Steam platform. The company’s have also created Lighthouse which allows for a user to have their movements tracked across a space of up to 15 feet by 15 feet. The technology was developed for Valve/HTC’s collaboration, Vive, however it will be made available for all HMD manufacturers.


The truck allows visitors to fully use the HTC Vive system, including Lighthouse (which is available in all three bays) and two wireless controllers to immerse themselves in virtual reality (VR). Some of the demonstration videogames available include painting, gathering ingredients for a meal and light painting. While these may not sound as exciting as space battles or racing round a track, the demos serve as a way to acclimatise users to VR, especially if they haven’t tried it before.

The HTC Vive truck will be in San Diego till Sunday and VRFocus will be at Comic-Con for all the latest news.