Fierce Kaiju Screenshots for new Working Prototype

Fierce Kaiju the independent game development studio behind popular virtual reality (VR) title Viral, for the Samsung Gear VR has released some teaser screenshots a new title. Currently labeled ‘Fierce Kaiju Working Prototype 3.5’ or FKWP3.5, the videogame will be the studios newest IP for VR.

FKWP3.5 is looking like multiplayer battle type videogame in 3rd person from the shots shown. Fierce Kaiju have yet to reveal any more details on how the title will play or what system it may be coming to.

The studios currently available title Viral, casts players as Ragnorok, an anti-virus system that eliminates threats of infection found in a computer system known as E.V.E. (Emotional Virtual Engine). Players face off against these viruses in physics-based first-person gameplay in which they target enemies that appear as red and green humanoids and fire blue bullets at them. The studio are also developing a PC version of Viral, although there are currently no details available for the official launch.

Fierce Kaiju is based in Yorkshire and recently celebrated its first birthday. The team come from all over the gaming industry and have worked on some of the largest franchises including Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption.

VRFocus will continue to follow any more updates to FKWP3.5 and Fierce Kaiju’s projects as they’re announced.

FKWP3.5_screenshot FKWP3.5_screenshot1