Fierce Kaiju Reveal PC Version of Viral

Following the tease of a new announcement earlier this week, independent UK development studio Fierce Kaiju has today revealed that a PC version of their popular Gear VR videogame, Viral, is currently in development. This new version has been ‘reworked’ to take full advantage of the additional computational power available on modern PC hardware and will be compatible with the second iteration of the Oculus Rift development kit, aka DK2.

Viral is a simple first-person experience in which the player must help E.V.E., an AI operating system, combat an infection. Using the head-tracking capabilities of virtual reality (VR) hardware the player must aim at the humanoid viruses and take fire, knocking them out of action with each successful hit.

Viral PC Screenshot

“While the gameplay remains largely the same as its Gear VR counterpart, we’ve approached this very much as a PC title,” states Paul Colls, Creative Director at Fierce Kaiju, in direct communication with VRFocus. “We’ve reworked and polished accordingly and naturally added layers of shiny stuff befitting the extra grunt.”

In a demo version of the videogame, known as Viral Lite, player’s will have access to the first 3 sectors, giving 15 full stages to play through along with fully functioning Leaderboards. This demo version will be made available via Oculus Share in the very near future.

“We’re proud of our efforts with Viral, being amongst the first to market in this new wave of VR gaming was a real milestone for us as a team,” continues Colls. “We had a fantastic response to Viral from critics and players alike and so we feel that it’s important to allow more gamers and VR enthusiasts access to a game that we still love playing ourselves.”

Viral PC Screenshot

There are currently no details available for the official launch of the full version of Viral on PC, however the suggestion from Fierce Kaiju is that development is proceeding well and more information will be available very soon. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Viral and other forthcoming VR projects from Fierce Kaiju.