Experience Adelaide Symphony Orchestra in VR

Music events in virtual reality (VR) have been the type of experience that VR developers have been touting since the recent re-emergence of the technology. Now the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra (ASO) is offering a full 360 degree on-stage experience.

In partnership with Adelaide-based Jumpgate Virtual Reality, the ASO has recorded several on stage performances for the public to enjoy at five lunchtime sessions using the Samusung Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD) this week in the foyer of the Santos building in the city.

In an interview with InDaily, ASO Chief Executive Vincent Ciccarello said: “We see it as an opportunity to introduce people to the world of orchestral music mediated by the latest technology. Given that technology is playing such an important role in the delivery of all forms of entertainment, we want to embrace that.”


Ciccarello adds about the experience: “We’ve had a number of board members and many of our players and friends of the ASO experience it, and every single person has had the same reaction – they are all blown away, because it is such an immersive thing. Just to be surrounded by all the instruments, to have the conductor standing in front of you, to be able to turn your head and focus on any musician while the orchestra is playing.”

The programme of sessions consists of: Sibelius – Finlandia (Monday), Strauss – On the Beautiful Blue Danube (Tuesday), Carl Vine – Suite from the Tempest: Overture (Wednesday), Haydn – Symphony No 83 in G minor – Allegro Spiritoso (Thursday) and Mahler – Blumine, from Symphony No 1 in D Major (Friday).

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