EVERSPACE Kickstarter Campaign to Launch Next Month

Following the recent reveal of ROCKFISH Games’ EVERSPACE, new information about the title’s financial goals has been revealed. Currently playable as a prototype, a Kickstarter campaign will launch next month with ambitions of allowing the development of EVERSPACE to be completed in 2016.

EVERSPACE is a science-fiction themed roguelike videogame. Striving for progress in EVERSPACE will demand players not only continually prove their combat skills, but also gather fuel and raw materials in order to travel to various star systems and repair and upgrade their equipment. The roguelike character system offers a familiar entry point to the videogame and also demands improvisation by players. Unlike in classic roguelikes, progress is not completely lost at the moment of death but rather remains available in the form of persistent upgrades.

EVERSPACE Screenshot

The Kickstarter campaign will form the foundation for financing the completion of the videogame and will also serve to provide discussion of content with the community during the development phase. ROCKFISH Games has announced that every supporter on Kickstarter will receive access to the Beta version in Q2 of 2016.

The official Kickstarter campaign to finance the title will launch on 6th August 6th 2015, and interested parties can now register for the videogames’ official newsletter at http://www.everspace-game.com. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on EVERSPACE and other virtual reality (VR) projects from ROCKFISH Games.