Elijah Wood Stars in Oculus Story Studios’ Henry

Oculus Story Studio today held the world premiere of their second 360 degree motion-picture production, Henry, in Beverly Hills, California. The eyes of Hollywood were on the event to see just how 360 degree video could provide a new means of storytelling, and one of the first celebrities to get involved is Elijah Wood.

Best known as Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Wood offers his services to Henry as the narrator of the piece. He introduces the character and the world it which the overly-friendly hedgehog lives at the very start of the short cinematic experience, as was witnessed by VRFocus at the premiere earlier today. His role in the piece is relatively short, but is vital to the viewers understanding of the events that follow.

Henry Oculus Story Studio screenshot

Henry is a short CGI feature developed using Unreal Engine 4. As a 360 degree video, Henry displays many of the techniques required to ensure that the viewer is able to follow the narrative while being offered the ability to look in any direction they wish. The progression of this from debut experience Lost was both significant and easily identifiable.

Intended to launch alongside the Oculus Rift consumer version in the first quarter of 2016, Henry will soon be available for all to see. Until then, VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on this and other titles from Oculus Story Studio.