Crytek: VR is a ‘Blank slate’

Crytek’s interest in virtual reality (VR) doesn’t just reside with their videogame engine technology, CryENGINE, but also with their own internal videogame development. Following the announcement of the forthcoming Robinson: The Journey last month, Crytek have been keen to reiterate their support of VR, with Frank Vitz, Creative Director of CryENGINE, suggesting that the medium is currently a ‘blank slate’.

In a livestream hosted by Crytek earlier this week, Vitz spoke with Angela De Castro, Community Manager at Crytek, about the potential of VR: “Virtual reality is the big buzzword. Everyone is developing for it, but it’s kind of like a blank slate in many ways. People don’t really know what the best experiences are going to be,” stated Vitz. “What we’re focussing on currently is sort of ‘exploration mode’. We think the best way to introduce people to virtual reality is to give them the sense that they’re in a real place that reacts to them – that they can explore – that they can interactive with and that they can feel like they’re part of.

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“You know, it’s not going to be a fast thumb-twitch type game where you have to have the reflexes. It’s going to be more about appreciating the world.”

Vitz is aware that these are still the earliest of days for VR, and that traditional videogame mechanics will undoubtedly become a part of the medium as the technology improves: “We do think that longer term there’s going to be a whole lot of styles of games, but initially… like what we showed at E3 was a vast open world with amazing vistas that CryENGINE is known for being able to portray in normal games: now through virtual reality give people a chance to absorb the scale of things.”

No release date or target format has yet been announced for Robinson: The Journey, though VRFocus was informed that the videogame is still in the very earliest stages of development. There’s much more coming from Crytek in the near future, so stay right here at VRFocus.