Criterion Games ‘Beyond Cars’ Still in Development

Criterion Games the studio behind Electronic Arts’ Burnout and Need for Speed franchises announced at last years E3 expo it was working on a new IP that was going to go beyond the studios usual remit of racing cars. Since then no further announcements were made and the videogame effectively disappeared. Now VRFocus can confirm that the title is still in development.

While the videogame is still a vehicle-based title, the developer initially revealed that its latest project, will give players control of more than just cars. Other vehicles that have been mentioned include helicopters, ATV’s, wingsuits, boats, parachutes and possibly more.

Sources close to the project have confirmed to VRFocus that the title is still in development but further information about the title including the name, possible platforms it would be available on, or a release date are still being kept under wraps for now.


Another question waiting to be addressed is that of the videogame coming to virtual reality (VR) as this was teased last year when it was announced. General manager Matt Webster confirmed at the time in an interview with Videogamer that the team had been experimenting with VR, suggesting that it had been specifically using the Oculus Rift VR headset. “This is the best Oculus game you’ve ever played!” Webster told the site. “It’s new technology, that’s kind of what we do, right? And I am serious, it is [that good].”

Electronic Arts has said in the past that, while it is impressed with the technology behind the Oculus Rift, it would need to see a good install base before committing to development.

When Criterion Games do release further information on the new title VRFocus will report back as soon as we have confirmation of its VR support.