Augmenting History: Museo Maya de América Looks To Use VR From Day One

As we’ve seen on things like WEARVR’s Weekly Top 10 you don’t necessarily need to be a videogame application in virtual reality (VR) in order for people to take an interest. In fact when launched on platforms like WEARVR or Oculus VR Share factual or tool based experiences often do very well indeed. We’ve also seen this week how the museums of today are looking to the technology of the future as a necessary way to preserve history from both the hands of time and destruction both accidental or deliberate. But what of museums of the future? Would they use VR?

The answer is absolutely yes.

One such creation is an app designed by Neutral Digital, previously responsible for in-flight information app 3D Fleet. They have produced a series of apps in relation to the Museo Maya de América. One of the world’s most ambitious cultural centres which is currently being developed in South America. A museum based in Guatemala City, designed by Harry Gugger Studio and  over, under to be a new benchmark in interactive and informative architecture. Whilst the physical museum prepares to show visitors all manner of historical wonders from the Mayan people, with everything from pottery to artworks, textiles, and finds from the likes of the ancient city of Tikal. The VR app suite is to expand on the experience, bringing to life exhibits and allowing users to get as hands-on as they’re ever likely to be able to with artefacts thousands of years old.

You can see a video of the apps in action below:

They have declared support for Oculus Rift technology on both desktop and mobile (confirming that the Samsung Gear VR will be supported) platforms, the apps will act as both guide and educator, the video also suggests the possibilities of 3D printing also being tied in.

Neutral Digital are also involved in a number of other projects using VR for purposes both creative and educational. VRFocus will continue to follow their progress and report back on any further news or developments.