Anshar Wars 2 Confirmed for Autumn Release

OZWE Games revealed a playable demo of the forthcoming Anshar Wars 2 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Los Angeles, last month, the sequel to one of the highest rated titles currently available for the Samsung Gear VR. Following that debut the studio has confirmed that the title is on track for release in Autumn 2015.

Anshar Wars 2 will introduce 3 ships with dozen of upgrades and multiple space-and-planet side missions all with original graphics, sounds and voiceovers. The sequel will focus even more on letting the player move in a virtual reality (VR) environment without feeling any motion sickness, which according to an official statement from OZWE Games ‘is something technically difficult to do but adds a lot to the fun of the game’.

Anshar Wars 2 art

“We wanted the game to reach another level beyond pure dogfighting. While dogfighting is still an important part of the gameplay, players of Anshar Wars 2 will have to complete mission objectives on various environments.” says Stephane Intissar, CEO of OZWE Games. “My favourite levels are the one where the player flies deep into the undergrounds of some planets.”

Anshar Wars 2 will be available for both the Samsung Gear VR with the Galaxy Note 4 or the Galaxy S6 series. According to OZWE Games, it is also expected to run on additional Gear VR mobile enabled devices Samsung will release in the future. Of course, Oculus VR has previously stated that the next iteration of the Gear VR will receive a ‘full consumer’ launch, which is expected to hit later this year. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Anshar Wars 2 and the Gear VR hardware.