An Introduction to AltspaceVR

When thinking about the first stage of the upcoming virtual reality (VR) revival, a social space designed for intercontinental meetings may be an obvious and simple conclusion to draw. However, having the idea and finding the ideal execution are two very separate things, which is why AltspaceVR is currently considered to be the leader in that very wide space.

AltspaceVR recently went through a series of closed beta testing phases and is now undergoing an open beta. However, the software is constantly adding new features and so regular invitations to participate at certain times are often distributed amongst registered participants. You can find out more details about the beta programme at the official AltspaceVR website.

AltspaceVR screenshot

Visiting AltspaceVR’s office in Redwood City, California, VRFocus sat down with Head of Developer Relations, Bruce Wooden (aka ‘Cymatic Bruce’) to get the inside scoop on just what makes AltspaceVR unique. Furthermore, Wooden discussed the attitude taken towards the development of the platform and his role in the proceedings, having moved from VR evangelist to a key figure active in the development community. The full interview follows below and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on AltspaceVR.