Above and Beyond Exhibition to Launch at the Smithsonian

This August sees the unveiling of the ‘Above and Beyond – The Ultimate Interactive Flight Exhibition’, that will include various different immersive experiences, some using virtual reality (VR) to explore the impact of aerospace on the world.

The exhibition will be exploring the wonder of flight and the marvels of aerospace innovation, design, and technology, through five key themes that define flight and space travel – Up, Faster, Higher, Farther, and Smarter.

Above and Beyond is an educational exhibition disguised as a thrilling, hands-on journey that provides visitors of all ages and interests with both retrospective and forward-thinking views on the innovation and science behind flight. The five themed galleries will feature dozens of interactive experiences made possible using flight simulation, augmented reality, touch-tables, design and skill challenges, virtual reality and more.


The exhibition will be held in Washington, D.C. at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. “Aerospace has advanced by overcoming great challenges with imagination, skill and perseverance to change the world for the better, which gives this exhibit very broad appeal – it is by no means just for aviation enthusiasts. We use aerospace technology all the time, even when we’re not flying. This experience will help visitors understand not only how we’ve been using this technology to go about our daily lives, but also its benefits for a better and brighter tomorrow,” said Roger D. Launius, Associate Director for Collections and Curatorial Affairs at Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.

Above and Beyond will open on August 1st, and during 2015-2016 will embark on a multi-city tour to major science centres and air-and-space museums worldwide including St. Louis, Charleston (SC), Chicago, Seattle, Riyadh, London, Tokyo and Dubai.

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