YouVisit Launches 2 Gear VR Apps

YouVisit recently arrived on Samsung and Oculus VR’s mobile head-mounted display (HMD), Gear VR. YouVisit University enables users to take virtual tours of college and university campuses in virtual reality (VR) rather than just viewing on a 2D screen, but also YouVisit has now brought out Restaurants for Gear VR.

YouVisit Restaurants helps viewers discover some of the world’s best restaurants in immersive VR. In VR you can explore restaurants in a lifelike environment that’s the next best thing to being there. Currently the app only contains VR experiences of New York restaurants but more cities will be added soon, although no details have been released on which cities and when. The app is also free to download which will help anyone planning on eating out in New York.

YouVisit Restaurants

But YouVisit isn’t stopping there, the company is also looking at hotels, resorts, events, venues, real estate and travel to enjoy a virtual tour of, as more are added to the roster. If you don’t own a compatible Samsung device for Gear VR, certain tours can be viewed on a mobile device using either a standard Google Cardboard HMD or YouVisits own ‘Tourbox’ HMD.

YouVisit Restaurants and YouVisit Universitys are both available now. Any further details on YouVisit and Gear VR will be reported here at VRFocus.